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How much will I actually be paying for my new, energy efficient home upgrade?

How much will my new, energy efficient home upgrade investment cost?

Get Pricing!

Product- Insulation

17. Insulation

More information on insulation, how its installed, and how to rate it!

Product- HVAC

Do you know what HVAC stands for?
Lets find out, watch now!

23.Sizing and Pricing HVAC Unit

1 Ton, 2 Ton, 3 Ton, 4, I declare an HVAC Pricing War. 
Actually no war. Just watch the video PLS

Product- Solar

Turn the sun into energy before you very eyes! Get in to the nitty gritty of Solar.

25. How Solar Works and Pricing

We always need to correctly price our quotes. Solar is no different. Watch now!

Product- Cool Coat

18. Cool-Wall Texture Coating Exterior Painting

Ever head of Cool Wall? Me neither, lets learn more!

19. Sizing & Measurements for Texture Coating

Get ready to size up the house for cool paint. Tape measures out everyone!

Product- Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors

Don't let those eyeballs go glassy, learn more about windows now!

21. Florida-Specific Windows

Located in Florida, looking to do windows? You're in luck, this video is for you

Product- Roofing

Roof Types

From Pitched Shingle Roof to Flat Hot Mop roof and everything in between.

14. Roofing Rules Timing and Inspection

Learn about Big Squares, shingle dimensions and more.

15. Roof Purchase Timing and Measurement

Don't let the customer wait, help them get their Roof today!

16. Tile Roof/ Flat Roof

Common Flat Roof styles you will encounter.

How to Measure roof

Step 1- Take measurements of the length of the house (i.e. the roof) and the width, from the edge of the eves.

For example,  60 feet long by 40 feet wide.


Step 2- Multiply the length by the width for the square footage. 60 x 40= 2,400 sf

Step 3- Include pitch addition by multiplying the total by 1.4 in California and 1.2 in Florida. CA- 2,400 x 1.4= 3,360 sf

Step 4- To get Big Squares, divide by 100, and round up to next full number. 3,360=33.6=34 Big Squares of material needed in CA. 

That's it! Easy.

(If the property has dormers or similar roofing extensions, add 3 Big Square for each.


These are different brands for Roofing, both for Cool Roof and otherwise.


Owens Corning



These are the different Window brands offered





Our main solar options



These are different brands for HVAC,replacements.




A unique, little known product


Tex Cote

Financing Options

A salesperson's best friend!

Few things are as helpful to a salesperson as financing options!
With strong financing, you can turn a very big ticket sale into a much smaller, entirely manageable monthly payment, so homeowners won't feel a thing!
There are two main financing options: PACE and Traditional.
All things considered, rates are lower through traditional finance, so try that option first, if possible.

PACE Options

PACE government enabled options are only available in certain areas of California and Florida, and are a very attractive financing option for many homeowners looking forenergy efficient upgrades.

Benefits include:

  • No upfront costs

  • Not based on credit

  • Based on home equity

  • Paid back through property tax

  • Partially tax deductible

Pace Overview



Alliance NRG


E3 Financing


Traditional financing is the age-old way of breaking down a large payment into very manageable payments over the course of 5 years, 10 years or more. 

Traditional finance is usually going to be a better fit for a higher credit consumer, although there are unsecured financing options for lower credit homeowners as well.




Aqua Finacing

Apples to Apples

The ultimate closing tool

The main objection you will receive from a homeowner is that they are looking for estimates only, and plan on collecting a few more estimates before they decide.

This is either where you lose the sale, or close it.

A way to properly address the homeowner's concern that there is a company out there that offers the same quality product for a cheaper price, is to guarantee them that you will match such a estimate, assuming they sign with your company. 

Have these with you at all times, and use as needed!

Lifetime Warranty

Total confidence

Another concern a homeowner would have is with regards to the quality of the work you are proposing to do.

You can guarantee them that the installed product, be it a roof, windows, coal coat painting and more is under warranty for the life of the home, assuming certain criteria are met.

This helps give the homeowner the confidence they need that the project will be done properly, and will last as it should.

Stand out with the ultimate confidence.

Annual Inspection

Another layer of confidence

In addition to offering a lifetime warranty on the product and installation, we can offer an complimentary annual inspection, to insure that they are still satisfied with the work done, and make any repairs that are needed.

This gives the homeowner the confidence that you are going to stand behind your product and installation year after year, with  a white glove experience. 

This also allows you, the representative, to go back into the home, show that you are with the homeowner for life, and enable yourself to see what other projects the homeowner could benefit from. 


Happy Customer Marketing Discount

Get to Give

If the homeowner really needs that last discount to be able to go forward with the sale, these is another tool that you can use: the Happy Customer marketing discount.

If the homeowner agrees to help us with our marketing costs, we can absorb extra losses to be able to get additional business from the homeowner's referral.

Please download and let the homeowner know what they will need to do in order to qualify for this special discount.


A Master's Close! Our secret weapon 

​Learn how to close like a pro!

The Worlds BEST Closing Techniques

Want to sell like a BOSS? Watch this video until is comes out of your ears, and watch the sales roll in.

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