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Company Policies




Solar systems and Home improvement spending is rising across the U.S.,

and Ygreen solution  is one of the fastest-growing  companies in the country.

Joining our tightly knit network of local contractors and door dealers gets you the full support of ygreen—that means high-quality, competitively priced products, expert training, and ongoing marketing support to bolster your local presence. In addition, our product customization means you’ll have very little storage overhead. Check out some of our fantastic customer reviews to see how partnering with our brand will help you grow your business. Now is the time to reach out—this kind of opportunity doesn’t pop out of thin air!

As you join this opportunity, it is important that you are aware of company protocols for various circumstances.

1. Commission Structure: Company takes a lead cost as a percentage of the gross contract amount/total revenue that is funded to the company. After the lead cost is deducted, we deduct the cost of the work (material, labor, subs,  lending/financing interest etc.) The remaining profit is split 50/50 with the company and the sales reps. Your first sale has a $250 fee that goes towards the onboarding labor and material. 


Upsells within the home, etc.:

Receive a 5% discount off your lead cost, earning you an addition 2.5% commission. 

If you refer a new customer from one of our existing customers, you receive a 10% discount on lead cost. 

If you bring your own customer: The lead cost is a flat 10%.

If selling in partner with another sales rep, commissions are split 50/50.


2. Payments: All sales reps received their commissions within 48 hours of the job being funded/paid in full, as well as completed. Both of those are required before a commission check is given. 

Advances: Our company policy is to not give advances. If you would like to be considered for a special circumstance advance (i.e. you are a new rep that has not earned money yet/in a while, you need funds asap etc.) you can ask the company to approve a one time advance. There is no guarantee you will receive the advance.


3. Dealing with Jobs: You are responsible to manage and oversee your sold jobs from start to finish (completed and paid.) The office staff is here to help. (We help with subs, payments, foreman/runners, office managers, project managers etc.) We have people that help each step of the way, but it is ultimately your responsibility. 

Responsibilities are:

  • Signing all documents and contracts

  • Dealing with all financing and funding. Including picking up checks, payments and getting completion signatures for finance companies. (The company can handle the final funding of jobs, if the rep should decline handling, but this will add an additional 5% lead cost fee. This includes being unwilling to collect completion signatures, final checks etc.)

  • Keeping an open and positive communication with all your customers.

  • Being at job site a minimum of once a week. 

4. Problematic Jobs: When a job becomes problematic, for whatever reason, the sales rep and the company are "in the same boat." The ramifications of that are: 

A. If a job goes over budget for whatever reason, the profit of the job will obviously go down.  That means your commission will go down, corresponding to the overages in expense, and can even go down to a $0 commission. As noted above, the commission structure is job sale amount, minus lead cost, minus job cost, split in half with the company. 

B. If a job ever defaults, for whatever the reason, (i.e. the job is completed, but the customer does not pay the company the money) the sales rep is 100% responsible for the losses up to the amount of outstanding commissions with the company. Meaning, the sales rep will never have to write a check to the company for losses, but the losses can be deducted out of owed commissions. The deductions can be taken out over stages with several commissions being deducted to reach the total loss. 

5. Registration: All sales reps are required to register as a home improvement sales rep with the state. This can be done easily online and does not take long. Each sales rep that signs a construction contract with customers must have registered. The company fronts the fees for this, and it is taken out as part of your $250 initial hold back. 

FL Application-

6. Representative Standards: Lying to company, cheating the company, stealing from the company, or acting fraudulently on contracts or on finance application etc. will result in immediate forfeit of commissions, as well as allow for additional legal ramifications. 

7. Burning Leads. If you "burn" a lead, you will be fined up to $500 per occurrence. This can be chosen to be enforced or waived by your sales manager. Burning a lead includes but is not limited to:

  • Confirming you will be at a lead and not showing up.

  • Being dispatched a lead and letting dispatchers know that you cannot make it only within 2 hours of the lead start time. 

  • Arriving more than 45 minutes late to a lead. 


We take our customer service and satisfaction very seriously. We need to provide prompt, professional service to our customers. 

8. Sales Calls. If you miss the MANDATORY company weekly sales call, you can be paused for the week and given no leads. These calls are invaluable, and will give you the tools and updates you need to sell better, on an ongoing basis. 

9. Abandonment. If you abandon your job, you will not receive commission on it. The company has the right to either take over the job in-house or transfer the job to another sales rep. Abandonment can be described as repeatedly not answering phone calls or messages from customers, office personnel or workers.  

First, download the W9 form in the link, fill out and scan/take a picture.

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